08 October, 2014

Burgundy ||| Chanel n°18

“Hon’, are you serious? If you only have to own one nail polish, it is the n°18”. That is what a friend of mine told me seven years ago at a coffee table, right after our math class back in December 2007.

As I regularly played the piano by this time, I didn’t really care about what my hand were looking as long as they were useful. You have to keep your nails very short so they don’t feel uncomfortable while playing. But when I saw this gorgeous nail color on her nails, that’s when my addiction began. 

The Chanel n°18 passes every trend, going naturally through time. It is an expensive gift you reward yourself with, but the most elegant, glamorous and sexiest nail color that goes with everything.

When you’re a beginner, this is actually not the easiest nail polish to apply on your hands. The color can become very messy, so you have to be very gentle while applying it. The brush is very slim and allows you to work in very thin layers on your nails.

One layer will give you a raspberry reddish-brown color, two will enhance its deep blood red color, but three is the exact amount you’ll need to get the perfect red you see through the bottle. Don’t worry, it dries out so fast you won’t have to waste an extra minute to enjoy your glamorous hands.

Worn by itself, the final result has the prettiest glossy shine. To prevent any staining on your nails, prefer applying a base coat underneath; and to make is last even longer - it stays almost 4 days with no chipping – don’t hesitate layering a top coat over it.

“Ok, let’s go to Sephora now and get this color, I promise, you’ll never regret it.”

She was right.

A très vite,

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PS: The title’ post’ song? Burgundy is a song by Earl Sweatshirt that I’ve discovered a while ago. And he’s live performance on the Jimmy Fallon’ show still is my favorite version of this song. xx, Hélène.  

30 September, 2014


If you’ve already stopped by my blog, you may have notice that I like ending each month posting a playlist. I feel it is the easiest way to make you feel what I feel, share emotions that I felt and moods that I have been into the past month. To share my world a little bit more with you.
I also like thinking you can push the play button and just relax, reading posts in a good vibe, and simply have a good time. So I’ve twisted up a little bit this monthly playlist format, adding your links some of my September’s post.

I hope you'll like these songs as much as I do. I hope you’ll enjoy reading BeautyLogie. So just welcome or welcome back and enjoy. I sincerely hope you’ll have a good time.

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PS: The title’ post’ song? Remember when our parents danced with flowery flares under disco bowls? That probably was on Earth, Wind and Fire - September, and oldie but still goodie. xx, Hélène.

28 September, 2014

Five Minutes With...

Now that fall is really here, I finally cannot feel guilty wearing dark nail polishes on my fingernails. I’m not a summer type of girl: I don’t really like being under the sun, being sticky and not able to control my body temperature… And I could list more, but it’ll be boring. So to kind of celebrate the return of the yellow leaves’ season, I wanted to share five nail polishes picks that I’m excited in advance to enjoy this autumn 2014.

Ciaté mini Nail Polish in Scarlet: a navy blue based nail polish, with shimmery green tones, kind of a mermaid color. The bottle is very small – and let’s be honest, so cute - the tip is quite large which makes the nail polish easy to apply. I like a good navy blue color, but this one is very original and has this little extra something that makes you look at your nails all day long. In a swipe, you reach the “in the bottle” color, which will last 3 to 5 days long without chipping (no top coat added).

Butter London in The Moss: is actually the one that I am wearing typing this post. It’s an excellent dark blood red color, very close to the Chanel n°18 (a bit more raspberry and less maroon) and its dupe, the Bourjois So Laque in Cerise Noire. I bought it when I was in Berlin because this brand isn’t available in France. I had read so many great things about the Butter London nail polishes that I needed one in my collection. This kind of classic color just suits everybody, every outfit, basically everything. It just gives you an extra chic and elegant touch as soon as you paint your nails with it.

O.P.I nail lacquer in Diva of Geneva: is from their fall 2010’ Swiss collection, and for the short story, the second from this brand that I bought. The color is reddish-plum, shimmery but not glittery, that sometimes appears gold or purple, depending on the light. 

Revlon Nail Enamel from the Parfumerie collection in Wild Violet: the perfect purple color, shimmery just the perfect amount and man, it is scented.

Ciaté mini Nail Polish in Members Only: the only almost nude color that I have chosen, because I feel that autumn = dark nails (just my opinion here). When it is under daylight, the product reflects subtle gold and copper glitters while its nude orange base delicately covers the nail. A little more orange than Ivory Queen, much more matte than Amazing Gracie from the same brand, it makes your hand appear fresh and clean. Same formula than the first one so very good lasting even if I like adding an extra-shine to the polish, finishing my manicure with a top coat.

And what about your picks for this fall? Let me know, I’m so curious to know if I’m a weirdo with my dark only thing!

A très vite,

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PS: "Five Minutes With Arctic Monkeys" is actually the debut single of the now famous brand. Fake Tales of San Francisco is one of the two songs which were in this mini album and an old favorite of mine too. xx Hélène. 

26 September, 2014

Hair all curly | Louise Galvin Sacred Locks

« I need a masque, I really need a hair masque. Go online, repurchase the old one, and you’ll be good, you won’t lose any more time ». The first part is what happened, the second isn‘t. Since my hairdresser sold it to me, I was addicted to the Masque Elixir Ultime by Kerastase. Worried that my hair gets “use to” this product, every time I repurchased it, I knew in my deepest thoughts that I wanted to try wanted a specific product for curly hair, something different. And by miracle, I found the Louise Galvin hair range.

Maybe you’ve heard of this brand before, I personally didn’t. The products are mainly made with oils to help nourish and nurture your hair. The one that I chose is the Treatment Masque for Thick or Curly Hair from the Sacred Locks’ line. It doesn’t contain any sulfates, silicone, parabens, synthetic fragrance, polymers and petrochemicals. I must also underline that all the ingredients used are natural, ecological and cruelty free. And I didn’t know all that when I actually bought it.

In real life, how is it? The cream is white and its texture is thick and shiny. It smells citrus fruits but in a sweet way. I use it once to twice a week since I’ve put my hand on it, and apply it on my towel dry hair. I then let it rest for about 20 to 30 minutes (when I don’t sleep with it the entire night).

After the first trial: my hair is hair hydrated just the right amount. Bouncy, real bouncy curls – I let it air dry after I put a hair cream and a detangling spray on it. My hair was much shinier and especially softer, like it hasn’t been the case for a long time. That is the moment when I found out about the formula, because it was too big to be real.

The more I use it, the more I am impressed with the results. At the beginning, it was mostly about my “second curly hair day”. When I woke up, my curls weren’t as flat as usual. I didn’t need to wet them with a water mist to give them some shape. Now I can go out and be “yup, I woke up like this”.

I also feel that I have “more curls” but that’s the result of a less frizz effect. I explain myself: Lorraine Massey, the curls’ goddess says, “A frizz is a curl waiting to happen”. That exactly describes this actual situation: as my frizzes are now properly hydrated, curls are formed. When it was not, they just hair looked like a big piece of cotton candy. Oh and last thing: they are real curls, formed from the bottom of my hair to the roots.

To conclude, I would say that I am going to stick to this range as much as I can. Why? Well who doesn’t like a nice silky long hair, running through your back, smelling fresh like if you were out of the hairdresser, shining every time you turn your head from the left to the right?

A très vite, 

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PS: The title is from this very sexy song: Fabolous ft Jeremih - Thim Slick just in case you wanted to know… I know, it was a hard one.

19 September, 2014

It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

Well, now it is. At least, they are. It wouldn’t be right to say that it’s been months that I have these products in my beauty space, I mean, all over my place, but actually, it is the case. Shame on me, I know. I don’t know about you, but I have this really bad habit consisting in sometime keeping them even if they are empty. Why? Well, if I pop on an empty tube, whether I feel like “Oh, I really liked this one, I should buy it again” or the “Why didn’t I throw this in the trash, it’s empty for God's sake”. This is how I know if I need “one again” or “this one again”.

1. About skincare.

Exfoliating wipes from Byphasse : I’ve received this product in a previous Birchbox. A simple wipe that has three actions: cleaning, exfoliating and purifying. One if its side is soft, so it can be used as a cleaner on every part of your face. The other one has micro spheres and gently exfoliates your skin. As it is a real scrub, this product can’t be used more than 3 times in a week. They’ve worked really well on my skin, are alcohol free so they haven’t irritated or unbalanced my skin type. I’ve also really enjoyed the powdery scent, reassuring at night, and the travel friendly package.

3 old time favorites: the Sephora Softening Facial Mist - I always have a backup of these bottles somewhere at home. Works well as a makeup setting spray too.  I’m afraid this product has been discontinued as I can’t find it on Sephora’s website… The Hyseac K18 by Uriage that I’ve already repurchased multiple times and really has improved the quality of my skin, which is softer and smoother. The Clarins hand and Nails treatment cream... Gosh, the perfect hand cream to me. If I had to go on a desert island and that I could bring only one product with me, it will be this one.

Finally the body skincare part is with an under the shower cream moisturizer by Mixa. Long story short, I’m addicted to the Nivea one - that I've been using for ages - but I was curious about the other ones. The Mixa one didn't work for me: maybe my skin is just too dry, maybe I used it the wrong way... But we didn't match. I'm a bit sad about it, because I really love all the other products of the brand, but hey, it happens. 

2. About hair care.

The Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur liquid hair repair Oleo Nutrition: I bought this one when I was in Berlin too (the product was way cheaper than in Paris). I’ve loved using this spray: it made my hair shine and less frizzy, helping me maintain a decent second curly hair day. This is a great budget buy product that I can go to with my eyes closed.

I’ve also liked using the Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave In Cream for its texture and the way that it styled my hair. Oh and the smell of this cream is absolutely amazing! I used it once when I was with a friend of mine who grown up in Morocco, and at the moment I used it, she told me “gosh, what are you using? This smell reminds me something... Like something in my childhood!” “Ok, I get it now”: she wasn’t surprised when I told her it was made with macadamia oil. 

The Kerastase shampoo is my miracle-hair-product. My hair is long and curly, so I sometimes wake up with huge knots in it. So after an "hair fight", it soothes my scalp leaving it healthier so my hair can grow longer and faster. Empty but repurchased.

3. About makeup.

I wore the bareMinerals powder foundation all summer long. To me, it is one of the best foundations for a hot summer day when you can't skip the sunscreen. It kind of sucks in the sunblock's oil so you don't have this over sweaty effect that sun protection gives you. I’ve also reviewed this product right here if you want to read a complete (but not too long) description of this foundation.

I hope this post would have been helpful! What are the products that you have finished these days? I’d love to know! Thank you for reading me. 

A très vite,

And about the song? I'm sure you've recognize Lenny Kravitz : It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over